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    Higher-cost on-peak hours 5月至10月:工作日下午2点至8点
    低成本超级非高峰时间 全年:晚上11点的工作日和周末到凌晨5点
    Low-cost off-peak hours 所有其他小时,周末和六个观测假期

    There’s no monthly demand charge on the EV Export Price Plan. At times when your solar system is not producing energy, you will be billed instantly for energy used from the grid. Likewise, any time you aren’t using your solar generation, your account will be credited instantly for the excess energy at the fixed export rate of 2.81 cents/kWh. For this reason, it’s advantageous for customers to shift their energy use to times when their system is generating the most energy.

    The EV Export Price Plan might be right for you if:

    • You prefer a plan with no demand charge and want a simpler approach to energy management.
    • 您有一个完全电动的房屋,并经常使用空调或加热器,尤其是在高峰时段。
    • 您有一个无罐电热水器。
    • 您有一辆电动汽车,可以在晚上11点开始在超级非高峰时间充电。每天凌晨5点。


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    The kWh or unit cost of energy is different in winter and summer regardless of your price plan. The price you pay rises and falls with the demand for electricity. During the coolest months, customer usage, generation costs and the price you pay are lowest. During the hottest months, customer usage skyrockets and generation costs to meet peak demand are highest.

    Your bill also includes a monthly service charge that helps cover the cost of grid access and maintenance. Most customers on this price plan will pay a monthly service charge of $32.44. Some very large homes with a service entrance section (electrical panel) larger than 200 amps will pay a monthly service charge of $45.44 per month.

    How export rates work

    The amount of energy used in your home is constantly monitored and recorded by your meter.


    This is different from net metering – used on the Customer Generation and Average Demand plans – in which excess kWh is subtracted from the delivered kWh to arrive at a net kWh number.

    Ready to change your price plan?


    有关更多信息,请参阅EV Export Price Plan sheet.文档是PDF