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5 ways to stay prepared during monsoons

Video of a storm in the Phoenix area


1. Stay informed about outages.

SRP customers have many ways to stay informed during an outage:

  • 注册for free outage alerts如果您所在地区的电源熄灭,我们会发短信或给您发送电子邮件。通知停电原因,估计的恢复时间以及恢复功率何时。
  • Download the SRP Power mobileapp™oniosorAndroid使用该应用报告中断或使用交互式中断图查看无电的区域。您会看到受影响的客户数量,原因是停电和估计的恢复时间。
  • Bookmark theSRP outage map。这是一个很好的资源,可以检查中断更新和详细信息。
  • 无论您喜欢哪种通信选项,请务必立即注册,下载,添加书签或关注,以便在电源熄灭时准备好。

2. Create a storm safety kit.

Before the first storm hits, prepare an outage safety kit for your home or business.


  • First-aid kit:Be sure to include your family’s prescription medications. Make sure items in the first-aid kit are in usable condition.
  • Flashlights:Ensure the batteries are good and that you have extra on hand.
  • Battery-powered phone charger:在中断期间,请保持手机充电。
  • 瓶装水:每人至少有1加仑。
  • 冷却器或冰箱:You’ll need these if the outage is lengthy.

If you’re a business owner or operator, we recommend all of the above plus the following:

  • 平面图您的业​​务:Mark the locations of emergency shutoffs for gas, electricity, water, the security alarm and the fire suppression system
  • 紧急电话号码:将这些留在中央位置,使其他人轻松找到。
  • Basic tools:You never know when a screwdriver or hammer may come in handy.
  • 电池供电的广播或电视:确保您有额外的电池!


3. Prepare your home or business for an outage.

Once your storm safety kit is prepared, take these additional preventive measures around your home:

  • Install surge protectorsto safeguard valuable electronic equipment, such as computers and home entertainment systems.
  • Know where to find each utility shut off— electricity, water and gas. Know how to turn each one off and have the proper tools to do so.
  • 如果您有自动车库门,请检查说明or check with the manufacturer to learn how to open the door manually (without power).
  • Business owners should have a continuity planin place with defined roles and responsibilities with key employees.
  • Consider if abackup power sourceis right for your business.


If an outage does occur,stay calmand follow these important tips to stay safe:

  • Turn off all major appliances,包括您的计算机,空调,电视和其他媒体设备以及洗碗机。这将有助于SRP更快地恢复电源,同时保护设备免受电压波动和电路返回时的电路过载。
  • Turn off all lights except oneto indicate when the power has been restored. When power is restored, wait a few minutes before turning on lights and appliances, and turn them on one at a time.
  • For an extended outage,找到最近的热救站
  • For outages longer than five hours,save and submit your receipts to be reimbursed for up to $10 of the cost of purchasing ice. Send an email to[email protected]并在主题栏中注明“冰块报销”。Be sure to include your name, address and a copy of the receipt.
  • If a generator is used, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and only use it in a well-ventilated area.Never connect it to your building’s wiring


While the best way to stay safe during a storm or outage is to stay in your home, here are some tips if you find yourself outdoors during a storm:

  • Minimize driving in an outage area, if possible.如果你必须开车经过停电区域,在所有十字路口都要小心。将交通讯号失效的交叉路口视为四向停车点,行车时应格外小心。在所有铁路交叉路口停车,因为路障可能不起作用。只有当你确定铁轨上没有人时才能继续前进。
  • If you see a downed power line, stay at least 100 feet away.Electricity can travel through the ground. DO NOT touch downed power lines or try to move them. Call 911 to report the locations of downed power lines. SRP, along with area police and fire departments, will respond with urgency to these situations.
  • If a power line hits your car while you are in it, stay inside the car until professional help arrives.如果您的车辆着火并必须离开,请避免同时与车辆和地面接触。从车辆上跳下来,双脚一起着陆。洗牌或跳跃,使双脚彼此接触,直到您距离车辆至少100英尺。这可能有助于防止您的身体成为通电和接地区域或物体之间的地面路径。
  • Do not swim during a storm.Lightning can strike bodies of water.
  • 最后,便于我们的电话号码:(602) 236-8888如果您是住宅客户,并且(602) 236-8833如果您是企业客户。如果您失去权力或有疑问,请给我们打电话。

Prep your home or business for the monsoon

Monsoons bring a lot of excitement to the Valley, from haboobs and microbursts to dust storms and thunderstorms and sometimes power outages. Your future self will thank you if you take the time to prepare now.

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